Q-tips and the sewing machine

So, there I was, doing a wee bit of sewing a few evenings ago. As you do. (Or as I do, anyway!) I must confess,  I’m a bit of a monkey for sewing across pins without taking them out (although I am getting better, honest!). One of my bad sewing habits is that I’m a bit reckless on the sewing machine, throwing caution to the wind in my desire to get things finished! I find it annoying to have to stop to take out bloody pins!

Well, there I was, merrily sewing when…Doomfph! Crack! Ooops! One half pin left in my fabric, the other bit nowhere to be seen. Eeek! “It’s gone into the underneath, the bit where the bobbin lives,” thought I (as I do not yet know what that nether-chamber is called). “I’ll just have a quick look and see if I can get it back out.”

Well, therein began a journey of massive proportions. For the fluff that confronted me when I took the plate off was really something else! “Oh bugger”, thought I. “I really must clean this out a bit more regularly!”

So I went in search of Q-tips (cotton buds to those of us in the UK). Not just good for cleaning ears, but amazing for cleaning out the sewing machine. Much better than the silly little brush gadget that comes with the machine. So, I don’t know if you’re supposed to use them for this, but I’ve found it works for me…and it’s soooooo rewarding and satisfying getting into all the little nooks and crannies and getting the blessed fluffy stuff out!

Doing the business
Doing the business

Please take care if you are doing this at home – voided warranties, etc. may ensue. I’ve no idea. But definitely turn the bloomin’ thing off at the wall first, please!

So, quite a few minutes and a whole pile of cotton buds later, and my bobbin-house was lovely and clear of fluff. Such fun too!

Lovely and sparkly-clean!
Lovely and sparkly-clean!
What a lot of fluff!
What a lot of fluff!

But I never did find the half-pin. That’s for another expedition. Tweezers, anyone?!!!

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